Closed Vacancies

Sr. No. Title Start Date End Date Details/Download
1 Senior Manager Community Services Download(69.21 KB)Senior Manager Community Services
2 Office Administrator to the Chief Financial Officer(CFO) Download(57.32 KB)Office Administrator to the Chief Financial Officer(CFO)
3 Audit Committee Members Download(53.15 KB)Audit Committee Members
4 Senior Manager Technical Services Download(67.67 KB)Senior Manager Technical Services
5 Senior Manager Corporate Services Download(66.79 KB)Senior Manager Corporate Services
6 Demand and Acquisition Management Download(62.66 KB)Demand and Acquisition Management
7 Financial Management Intern Post(4) Download(47.47 KB)Financial Management Intern Post(4)
8 Assistant Manager EPWP $ CWP Download(54.89 KB)Assistant Manager EPWP $ CWP
9 Chief Financial Officer(Re-Advert) Download(68.38 KB)Chief Financial Officer(Re-Advert)
10 Senior Manager Corporate Services(Re-Advert) Download(64.42 KB)Senior Manager Corporate Services(Re-Advert)
11 Office Administrator Download(51.72 KB)Office Administrator
12 Office Administrator(Traffic Department) Download(195.47 KB)Office Administrator(Traffic Department)
13 Manager:Demand and Acquisition Management Download(238.26 KB)Manager:Demand and Acquisition Management
14 Financial Management Intern(3 posts) Download(216.08 KB)Financial Management Intern(3 posts)
15 Re-Advertisement:Assistant Manager:EPWP & CPW Download(216.55 KB)Re-Advertisement:Assistant Manager:EPWP & CPW
16 Re-Advertisement:Manager Information Technology(IT) Download(271.85 KB)Re-Advertisement:Manager Information Technology(IT)
17 Financial Management Intern Download(171.19 KB)Financial Management Intern
18 Assistant Manager Risk Based and Performance Audit Download(300.84 KB)Assistant Manager Risk Based and Performance Audit
19 Manager Information Technology(IT) Download(413.95 KB)Manager Information Technology(IT)
20 Accountant-Annual Financial Statement(AFS) Download(335.25 KB)Accountant-Annual Financial Statement(AFS)