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Ratlou Local Municipality supports Madibogo Athletics club during Comrade


Ratlou Local Municipality in Ngaka Modiri Molema District is one of the few Municipalities that promotes and support sport among its community residents. Recently five of the athletes including the acting municipal Manager represented Ratlou at the annual Comrades Marathon in Kwa-Zulu Natal. The five athletes that confidently represented Ratlou at the sporting event went up against well trained and experienced athletes from across the World. This time around the 90 km distance down run commenced from Pietermaritzburg to Durban and all the five were part of the 19 000 athletes that started and managed to finish the race.

The four from Madibogo Athletic Club, Tshidiso Matlhoko, Kagiso Sealogo, Gloria Seabi and Thataaone Mosieleng all finished their race between 8 and 9 hours respectively. Tshidiso Matlhoko and Kagisho Sealogo finished under 8 hrs and 42 minutes while Gloria Seabi and Thataaone Mosieleng finished their race under 9 hrs and 49 minutes. The first two athletes Matlhoko and Sealogo were awarded the Bill Rowan medals for finishing under 9 hour time frame and Mosieleng and Seabi received browns medals for finishing under 11 hours’ time frame. Among those receiving the finisher`s medal was the Comrade Marathon Veteran, the Acting Municipal Manager Mr Jonas Molefe who finished his race on the 11th hour of the 12 hours long race. The 59 year-old but still vivacious Jonas Molefe received Vic Clapham medal for finishing the race under 12 hrs time frame.

The Ratlou Local Municipality that sponsored the athletes with tracksuits bearing the Municipal logo commended the athletes for hoisting the Ratlou Flag high in this year historic Comrades calendar.